Heading Home

It is about a 20 hour drive from Chadron, Nebraska to Jefferson, Oregon, and we are doing it in 2 days. Right now we are 1 hour from my son Seth and his wife, Amie’s place near Twin Falls, Idaho where we will spend the night and finish the journey tomorrow. My brother Cliff’s son-in-law, Trevor has done all the driving today, which is nice for me. I get to sit in the back seat and read, write, check sports scores, do Scripture Memory, sleep, drink coffee, snack, look at the scenery, and think about my next hunting trips next year. It has been a very relaxing day, though we did have an hour of heavy snow fall driving through the Rockies, which made us all a little bit nervous. I am such a single focused person it is always good to have a couple of days like this to shift myself into another gear, and get my mind and thinking on the goals, tasks, and responsibilities ahead. I have started writing my goals for the next year, which for me runs from October 27th to October 27th, which is my birthday, so I have this next week to write them out. I have been thinking about what they will be for awhile so once I get to writing it won’t take long. My annual goals are the most important thing I do for myself to keep myself on course in my walk with God. If it weren’t for my goal to read the Bible, I would struggle doing it faithfully, if it weren’t for each of my goals for each of my spiritual disciplines, I would struggle getting them done. Paul wrote, “set your mind on the things above”, that is choose what you think about predominantly, and I do that with my goals. He also said in 1 Corinthians 9, “I don’t run without aim” know what you want to do, and where you want go with your life. I will read my goals everyday for about 3 months, and then every other day, and for the last 6 months, once each week. Writing my goals would do little good if I didn’t read them. Reading my goals is like putting wood on the fire, it keeps me focused and passionate.

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