Deer Hunting in Nebraska

I am writing this sitting in a tree stand near Chadron, Nebraska waiting for a big white tailed buck to walk under my tree so I can shoot him with my bowthe temperature is 17 degrees but the chill factor made it 8 degrees. I don’t think I have ever shivered so much in my life, it was so cold. I was reminded of a book written by a Navy Seal where he described a time in their training that they had to stay in the ocean for several hours. He went to say that a great tool to help develop self control is to take cold showers in the morning. As I sit in this tree stand freezing to death, at least it feels that way, I am thinking that that Navy Seal didn’t have anything on me. The deer in the picture is my brother Cliffs, he is the one in the picture as well. I am hoping that I will have a picture of my deer in my blog tomorrow.

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