Apple Cider

today we had a big family project of picking our apples and grinding and squeezing them into apple cider. We had 5 of our kids, their spouses and 14 grandkids here, it was a blast. We finished the day with 30 gallons and probably another 5 that was drunk during the day. Over the years that we were raising our 8 kids we usually kept them home from school most Mondays and had a family work day. We did all kinds of projects like making apple cider, cleaning up the place and going to the dump, cutting and stacking firewood, painting, cleaning the house, weeding in the garden, and on the list goes. Our goal was to teach the kids to enjoy working, to work hard, to work together with others in unity, and just to be together as a family doing something productive together. Those family work days are some of my best memories of our kids when they were home, and today was a blessed time of reliving the good old days.

In the Bible the character trait of diligence is mentioned a lot, in fact probably the only character trait mentioned more would be love, it appears to be very important to God.

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