Seth is Married!

well, we had a small, outdoor wedding this morning at 9:00 am in Kimberly, Idaho, and Amie and Seth are officially married and headed for “Glacier National Park” for their honeymoon. It was about 38 degrees during the wedding, but it felt like 30 below zero. I had the privilege of preaching the sermon in the wedding, and it lasted less than 5 minutes I am sure, because I was so cold. We had a wonderful time last night as our entire family sang and prayed for Seth and Amie around a big bon fire, and had a Communion Service to finish off the evening.

We are now in the van headed home and will probably make it around midnight. I am working on my memory verses, checking football scores, and sleeping, with an occasional cup of coffee and a snack.

Well, all eight of our kids are now married to wonderful Christian mates who love Jesus, and they all have good marriages and are raising good, well behaved kids who love Jesus. It is a great day, and I think I will take a nap.

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