Hunting Deer

Yesterday I snuck up on 5 different deer and got within 10 yards of 2, 20 yards on 2, and 40 yards on the 5th one. All of those are really good shooting distances with a bow, and I could have easily shot any one of them but I couldn’t get any of them to grow horns as hard as I tried. In the Steen’s it is bucks only so I could see and sneak up on lots of does and not come home with any meat. Even though I didn’t shoot my bow I had lots of fun with the challenge of getting close to each of the deer without them seeing, smelling, or hearing me. I was constantly checking wind direction, and looking for bushes, rocks, and trees to walk behind. One of the reasons I have hunted archery primarily for the last 55 years is because of this added challenge of getting close. I am not always as successful as I was yesterday, in fact the stories of just, almost getting close enough for a shot and having the deer or elk spook is my normal story over the years. I don’t have to catch fish to enjoy fishing, and I don’t have to kill something to enjoy hunting, which in the hunting department, is a good thing or I would have quit hunting years ago! This trip has been particularly enjoyable because of the camping being just Patty and I, the fishing has been incredible, the scenery is beautiful, the weather has been sunny but not to hot at 8,000 feet elevation, I have seen deer every time I have gone out, though just does, and I have had lots of reading, writing, and praying time. I am thinking that I will see a buck or elk this evening, maybe, you never know, we will see, I hope so, don’t you love it! It is just like life! Maybe we will, maybe we won’t, but you always keep trying, keep setting the goals and having the dreams.

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