Camping with Patty

Patty has enjoyed camping most of our 50 years of married life. On our first year anniversary I took her on 100 mile canoe trip in Canada and she has been a camping fanatic ever since. What appeals to both of us is the simple life style that camping, at least tent camping represents. We do have the modern convenience of a propane lantern, in fact we have 2 of them, and a propane 2 burner stove. We have a fairly large tent that we can get two lawn chairs in besides our air mattress and sleeping bags, and I do have a propane tent heater if it gets chilly. We walk about 50 yards to the outhouse, but there are no showers, so we do a “spit bath” using handy wipes, daily, and then after 1 week we will drive about 40 miles to a little town called “The Narrows” and pay $7 for a shower and use the laundromat to wash cloths. Worldliness is the number one problem with most Christians in their walk with a God. Christians get lukewarm, fall away, do nothing for the Lord because of worldliness. Worldliness is buying just one more toy, one more convenience to make life more enjoyable, but the problem is it doesn’t, it just takes away your time and your energy, and before you know it you are standing before Jesus at the Judgment Seat of Christ and you have nothing to offer Him as a gift, you have no rewards to take with you into eternity. A simple lifestyle allows you to serve Jesus with all of your heart, soul, and might, and life is so much more uncomplicated. Camping, every time we go camping we think of ways to simplify our lifestyle. Help us Lord to follow through.

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