Well Parented

I do a lot of counseling, teaching, coaching, leading accountability groups, and preaching as a Pastor, that is my job, but more than that it is my calling from God for my life. A major goal of mine is to teach principles of successful living that are found in the Bible, but even more than that is simply to motivate people to obey and live out the principles that I teach. Many people already know in their head many times more principles than they are putting into practice because they don’t have the motivation or the self control to do what is best for themselves and others in their lives. Kids usually don’t have the ability to faithfully do the the best thing and make right choices because they are influenced by their emotions, the pull of immediate gratification as apposed to long term success and fulfillment, the pressure of peers and other outside influences in their life, and simply the lack of wisdom to know what is best. We expect that kids will act like kids and that they will usually make poor choices in life, but there comes a point when as the Bible says, we put away childish behavior and start acting mature and grown up. As I over the years have worked with many people attempting to move them to the point of “mature” I have realized and observed that many people have a huge advantage in life in that they were well parented. It obviously doesn’t guarantee success, but it is a very real advantage in life to have been taught and coached at a young age to be self controlled, to be a wisdom seeker, and to have the healthy self worth so as not to be constantly making choices to impress others. I was very well parented by a great Dad and Mom, and I thank the Lord almost daily for that huge blessing in my life. I didn’t choose my parents and I obviously didn’t do anything yet to deserve or earn the awesome parents that I had, it just happened by God’s sovereign choice. As I work with adults now who didn’t get all the training and teaching growing up that they needed, especially men, I work hard to get them to be humble enough to admit that, not to feel bitter towards their parents, or to feel like they are stuck and destined to be losers, but to find mentors that can teach, train, and coach them now. There are a lot of older men who are wise, successful in living life, who have strong character, and have the ability to mentor and coach others. This model of the older, mature, and wise mentoring the younger is a major emphasis and teaching of the Bible. The problem is that those who need the coaching are to proud to seek it, and those who have the maturity to give it are to busy or distracted with life to take the time or make the effort to establish a relationship to give it.

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