Power and strength

I work hard at eating healthy, no sugar and no gluten, and I exercise just about an hour every day. I also work hard at resting appropriately for the things I have done, resting to recover physically, and emotionally. I do that so I will have energy and strength to serve the Lord my entire life effectively. But I recognize that if I don’t receive God’s strength I won’t do anything that matters. God gives strength to the weary. To get God’s strength I need to ask for it often, I ask daily. To get God’s strength I need to be faithful to the disciplines, bible reading, prayer, gathering with my church family. But a major key to get God’s strength is to do something that matters, that has eternal significance and that requires God’s strength in order to succeed. If you don’t make a choice and commitment to do something great with your life there will be no power or strength from god.

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