White water rafting on the Deschutes River

These last two days I have been over at the Deschutes River white water rafting with Pastor Mike and others from our church. It was a lot of fun rafting, and it was even more fun camping on the river with great people. Today on one of the trips when we went over the rapids called Oak Springs, I got thrown out of the raft and while under the water one of the oars swung up and whacked me right under the chin. It made a gash that went to the bone, and now it is swole up pretty good. It whacked me so hard that it loosened a couple of my teeth, and gave me a bit of whip lash in my neck. When it hit me I had this immediate sensation that I was going to pass out, and I knew that wouldn’t be good so I immediately opened my eyes to help keep myself conscious. I saw the raft above me so I backstroked away from it, talking to myself saying, “hold your breath”, “keep your back down”, “keep your feet downriver”, “backstroke to the shore”. It wasn’t to long before one of the other rafts paddled to where I was and rescued me. It always adds to the adventure and excitement of an event like this to have an unexpected crisis of sorts, and to conquer it. I am home now getting sympathy from Patty, she is such a good wife, and I have taken a bunch of ibuprofen, sitting in my recliner feeling pretty good. I am part of the team that is going to raft the Colorado River this time next year, and it is a much bigger River than the Deschutes with some really big rapids, and for a few minutes I started thinking, Dee, you are to old for this kind of stuff, let some young guy take your place. Then I remembered one of my favorite passages in the Bible in Joshua where Caleb who says on his 85th birthday, “I am as strong as I was when I was 40 years old, give me that mountain to conquer and I will drive those giants out of the land”, and he did.

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