Pastor Dee’s Bicycle Trip 2019 Day #15

This is a picture of my office these days on our bicycle trip. This is the inside of the Motorhome that belongs to Tom Zilverberg who is driving this with us as a support vehicle. He usually drives the Motor Home to where we are going to camp in the morning, and then rides his bicycle back towards us and then back to camp again. I woke up with a very sore and swollen knee this morning so I am driving the motorhome today and he is riding. I am parked along side the road about 20 miles from our camping spot waiting until Cliff, Kathy, and Tom make it here in case they are run out of gas and want to ride the rest of the way to camp. It is 82 miles today with some tough uphill climbing. If they are good to go to camp I will take off and get checked in and set up camp. I have a bunch of snacks to munch on and a coffee maker so I am using my time with my IPad and little key board to get lots of studying and writing done. I am taking Ibupofen every 4 hours and expect that the knee will be ready for a good day of riding tomorrow. I brought an elastic knee brace that I will wear tomorrow to help my knee not get any more strained. Tonight we will be in the town of Browning, Montana, right outside Glacier National Park, and tomorrow we will ride through it. So far I have lost 10 pounds and hope to lose an another 10 before I get home. It would be easy if it weren’t for all these snacks that I eat. One of my goals is to get Philippians and Colossians memorized this next year as I plan on teaching through both books in our Wednesday evening at 7 pm and Sunday morning at 8 am classes this next year. I have started working on them on this trip and so far I have 11 verses memorized well. I should get a couple more done today. Memorizing Bible verses and meditating on them during the day is by far the most powerful thing that I do spiritually, that is, this discipline causes more growth in my character and life, and in my intimacy with the Lord than anything else I do. It is interesting to me that the discipline that is most effective is also the hardest one to practice faithfully.

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