Dee’s Bicycle Trip 2019 Day #13

As I had guessed, today was a gorgeous day of riding as we followed the Blackfoot river for most of the day. When I saw this sign I watched hard for big horn sheep, but all I saw were the ones on the signs. There were at least 100 drift boats and rubber rafts pulled by pickup trucks that passed us today. I guess if you live close to this river that having a boat is part of the deal. Near where we are camped tonight I checked to see what it would be for a guided fishing trip on the river, and they said $500, and I said, “Oh, well, thank you, but I will pass”. I wonder how many fish I would have caught.

We rode 90 miles today, and it was all up hill, which is a lot. I decided that on all future trips that I plan that I am going to limit the longest days to 60 miles. I feel good and have good energy up until 60 miles and then it starts to drop off rapidly, and by the end of 90 miles, I am having a near death experience. The good thing is that we had a strong tail wind all day, it must have been around 10 mph the way the flags looked that we saw along the route. Besides being a beautiful ride, with a great tail wind, it didn’t rain, it was cool and comfortable, not a single dog chased me, not a single mosquito bit me, there were no rude drivers, and the shoulders along our route today were very wide. Now I am sitting in the RV writing my blog, eating mixed nuts and drinking quinine water, doesn’t get much better than that.

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