Happy, I am so Happy

I am teaching a principle this weekend as I preach at JBC. If you give joy to the people around you, God will give joy to you. Whatever measure of joy you give God will multiply it in your life. The most powerful way to give joy to others is by honoring them with our words. And the reverse is also true, if you cause people to feel hurt, offended, unimportant, and undervalued by your words, God will make sure that you feel the same! Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, so we are supposed to honor our mother. Gifts and flowers are nice, but affirming words and praise far surpass any gift that we could give. It would be really good if would start affirming and honoring our mothers more than once a year. And we could move to people in our life like our dad, brothers, sisters, boss, employees, and neighbors. It is a good commitment to make to God, “I will honor those who are part of my life now and those who You decide to bring into my life in the days ahead.”

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