So Tired

It is Sunday night, and as is normal on Sunday night I am so dead dog tired. But I will still choose to be kind, gracious, pleasant, and loving to the people who are in my life on this night, even though I am so tired I can hardly see straight. I will choose to be nice, patient, and lovable in spite of my weariness because I can, God gave me the strength to make such choices so I will. I will choose and work hard to be the most pleasant person you have ever met in spite of the very busy and draining day, because it is the right thing to do. When I am as tired as I am tonight it seems like it takes a major effort just to hold my head up, but I will choose to listen attentively when Patty talks and I will smile and will offer intelligent response to her words to me. I will do this because I love her and want to communicate to her how much I love her, and because I can, I am able.

I am so stinking tired tonight, it is a bummer to get old. But, though I would very much like to skip, just for tonight, I am going to get on my stationary bike and ride as fast as I can for an hour. If I don’t the next time will so much easier to skip, and then before I know it I am a wimp. As I think about tomorrow a thought pops into my head, “You are very tired, sleep in tomorrow” my response to the demon who is talking to me, “I will sleep in when I get to heaven and you are cooking in the lake of fire”. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day, and I am going to choose to work hard, I can do that and I will.

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