I was bad

I am at our denominations annual meetings Monday through Wednesday this week with lots of pastor friends to talk to and hang out with. I have to be extra careful in these kinds of settings that I don’t sin with my mouth as I would attempt to project an image of a super successful pastor. When I choose to relax and not get caught up in talking ministry I can do good, but occasionally I take the bait of the enemy and say some really stupid thing in an attempt to be cool, and I regret it so much as I recall for hours and even days how dumb I was. Well, I in just 10 seconds of conversation spoke badly of another pastor, and I wish that I could reel it in, but I can’t. I am hoping that the dumb thing I said doesn’t get back to the person I slandered. Why do I do that? I know better and I always am so angry at myself after I say something as stupid as I did tonight. Well, I am confessing my sin, in fact I have confessed it about a hundred times in the last hour, and I am praying that God gives me strength not to do that any more. ” Oh, Lord, please forgive me, and cleanse me, and wash me from my sin, and please help me never to do that again, please Lord, I desperately want to please You, and I messed up royal tonight, apart from You I will mess up my life and everybody else’s around me, please help me and strengthen me, I want so much to please you”.

2 thoughts on “I was bad

  1. Rich Layman

    I have heard it said that when we are convicted of our sin as you have been we should go that person and apologize and ask them for their forgiveness. My opinion is that is not necessary, we sinned against God and that is where we go to acknowledge or sin and ask for forgiveness. I am curious how you feel about the necessity of going to the offended individual.


    1. deefduke Post author

      The person I slandered will never hear what I said because the person I shared with wouldn’t say anything to him so I wouldn’t apologize unless he heard. I will talk to the person that I shared information with and make that right.



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