Wise person or a Fool – You Choose

In my leadership classes that I teach I talk about 7 basic disciplines that we all need to practice. They are called disciplines because our flesh hates to do them, so the only way we will do them successfully is with self-discipline and self-control. Without these 7 disciplines we will not grow in character and maturity, we won’t be successful in life, in relationships, we will not accomplish anything with our life that really matters, and we won’t know God with any level of intimacy.

One of the disciplines is to “Seek wisdom diligently like gold, silver, or valuable treasure”. My Dad used to say, “just because you get old doesn’t mean you get wise, there are a lot of old fools running around”. Only those who diligently seek wisdom will become wise. In Proverbs 8:17 wisdom speaks like a person saying, “I love those who love me; and those who diligently seek me will find me.” How and where do you seek for wisdom diligently?

(1) Get counsel from wise people. Most have to much pride to do this, but it is the most effective and the fastest way to acquire wisdom. God is the ultimate source of wisdom, and He loves a humble person, and blesses them with wisdom, when they humble themselves and ask for counsel or advise.

(2) Read good books written by wise people. Ask wise people what they read. Check out the author from his bio or people that know him personally. There are so many good books available today. God wrote The “Ten Commandments” with his finger on a stone, He has ordained writing as His idea. We were created by God to think in words, to speak words, to write words, and to read words. The Bible is preserved for us in written words.

(3) Learn from life, from trials, and from mistakes. When we make poor choices life will reveal that, and if we are a diligent seeker of wisdom we will learn the lessons to be learned and become wiser. Write what you learn or you will forget it, be a wisdom collector. Part of the diligence required to be wise is to write, fools are to busy to write.

Fools don’t ask for counsel from others, they think they already know everything. Fools don’t read good books, they are to busy doing foolish things and then doing them again, fools don’t learn anything from their mistakes, they just blame others.

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