Pride stepping on my Neck

In Psalms 36 David writes a prayer that says, “Don’t let the foot of pride come upon me “, I changed the wording just a bit to ” Don’t let the foot of pride step on my neck.” I pray that prayer every morning as part of my morning commitments and prayer to God before I start the day. Pride is such a tricky sin it can sneak into our life and get a major foothold in our life before we are aware of it. Very few sins have as many consequences listed against it in the Bible as pride does, and very few positive character traits have as many blessings attached to them as humility does. I get on the scale every morning and weigh as I work on the goal of becoming a a slim, trim, buff, 188 lbs. I wish I had a scale that weighed the amount of pride in my heart. It would be so much easier to conquer this pride in me if I new just exactly how much I had and if I was making any headway in conquering pride and acquiring humility. Humility as a character trait has a number of facets to it. We want to be humble in our relationship to God as we give Him glory and praise for every good thing that we would be able to pull off in our life. We want to be humble and teachable in the company of successful people who have accomplished something of significance with their lives. We want to be humble with people who have learning disabilities and whom we are very much smarter than. We want to walk humbly with our God when we accomplish something great, and work hard to give him all the glory.

1 thought on “Pride stepping on my Neck

  1. Robert Lewis

    Dee this post was timely and helpful for me. With the sportsman show, I am working hard not to be prideful because it is a team thing and we want it to go the way God wants. I believe he put me here to test me and work on me. We pray not to be prideful at each meeting, and I do do daily. So, any help, reminder, or getting on us (me) is helpful. Thanks Dee

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