Super Bowl

I watched the super bowl today with a number of friends from our church. It was pretty much a yawner, breaking the record for the fewest points scored in a game. Neither team was one that I root for during the regular season, being a Seahawk fan, but the punter for the Patriots, Ryan Allan attended our church when he was a kid, and his Dad and I are good friends, so I was definitely rooting for the Patriots to win their 6th Super Bowl. The best thing about the game was the fellowship with friends and the barbecued ribs!

There are a lot of Patriot haters around because people get tired of the same team winning, and with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady winning 6 Super Bowls, they have won a lot. I like rooting for teams that win consistently, not just because of winning, though it certainly is fun to root for a winner, but because I believe so strongly that there are principles of success that God created and that very few people have discovered them and follow them consistently. When I was a kid growing up on the dairy every month a DHIA report came out that had most of the dairies in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho ranked based on milk production for the previous month. When we got it in the mail my Dad would say, “It isn’t luck that got the first place dairy there, it is that someone at the dairy is following systems and rules that work.” “Find out what they do, and do it as well , and you will also be successful.”

When our kids were young I would read books written on the subject of parenting, but I would only read those written by authors who were parents of large families and who had good kids. I would also read books on marriage, and again only by those who had been married longer than 30 years with a good marriage to show that they knew what they were writing about. Now I read a lot of books written by Pastors who have been exceedingly successful as a Pastor, and try to discover what systems, principles, and rules they follow.

Successful people are successful consistently because they consistently follow the principles of success.

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