Being Submissive

After half our cows had died, and our offer to FHA was accepted we still had a debt of about $20,000 which we owed to feed companies, veterinarians, milking equipment companies, and a variety of other costs for starting up the dairy. I did some investigating and found that the best paying job around was a construction company with headquarters only about 10 miles from where we lived. I went down and filled out an application and they said to call and check periodically if they needed anybody. I called them everyday for 6 weeks asking if there was an opening. I think they got tired of me calling and finally gave me a job. My job was to work with another older guy on a track drill, drilling 100 foot deep holes in rock quarries. The holes were 2 inches in diameter, and after drilling about 100 of them about 3 feet apart we would load them full of dynamite and blow up the rock. The once solid rock which we had shot was now a big pile of rock about the size of softballs. After we left another crew would come in and run it through a crusher to be used to make asphalt. It was a noisy, dusty job, but it paid really well, and that was all I cared about. The fellow I worked with was the meanest, grouchiest, most obnoxious person I had ever been around. He would give me the worst jobs to do, and when I had done them he would tell me to do it again because it wasn’t right. He would yell at me, cuss at me, make fun of me all day long. The harder I worked the worse he got, and I was getting very discouraged and weary of my job. I asked my Dad what I should do and he had a pretty simple and straightforward answer, “The boss is the boss, and you do what he tells you with no insubordination”. The owner of the company stopped by about a week after I started and said to me “you know, nobody has lasted longer than 6 weeks with Doc, (that was his name), if you can tough it out that long I will give you a raise”. I asked him why he kept him if he was that hard to work for, and he said, “because he is the best driller and shooter in the business, he makes me a lot of money.” Several weeks after that we traveled to Eastern Oregon for a two week job. Doc took all of our drill bits to a machine shop to get sharpened which he did between every job, and when we got to our new job he discovered that he had forgotten to pick up the bits. Just then the owner drove up and asked why we weren’t started yet, and Doc said, “Because Dee forgot to pick up the drill bits”! I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Lester, the owner handed me the keys to his pickup and told me to go get them, to drive as fast as I could without getting a ticket. It was most of a days drive to the job, and it was about 6:00 pm when I left, and it took me 6 hours to drive to the machine shop and most of the way I was mentally fussing and fuming about the unfairness of this whole deal. When I got there at midnight it was closed so I went to sleep on the seat of the pickup. About an hour later the owner of the machine shop was knocking on my window, Lester had called him, gave me the bits and off I went for another 6 hours of driving. I got to the job sight at day light and Doc and Lester were waiting. I suggested that I get a little sleep, after all I had been awake for over 24 hours, but Doc said we have to get started and I can’t do this without your help “so get to work, now!” I was so tired I wasn’t much help, which set Doc off on numerous tirades on my uselessness. Through the entire ordeal I was pleasant, gracious, and said a lot of “yes sirs”. I kept repeating to myself, ” The boss is the boss, so don’t lip off, if you want that raise for being the only one to make it 6 weeks”. A couple of days later the owner, Lester, walked up to me and said, ” I checked with the machine shop owner, and he said it was Doc who brought the bits in, and who said he would pick them up. That took a lot of toughness to do what you did, I am going to give you that raise earlier than I said, and I am going to double it, good boy.” I remembered a quote that I had written down that I heard from a missionary who spoke at our church a couple,of years earlier, ” Take care of yourself and God will let you do it, all by yourself, but if you trust the Lord and do things the way He would do them, He will take care of you, and He will do a much better job than you will”.

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