Run out of Gas

I got up this morning at 4:20 am, as I did every morning this week in order to be at the church by 5:00 am for the start of prayer. This week we are praying from 5 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 10 pm, 10 hours each day asking God specifically to work in the heart and lives of people who are neighbors, work associates, friends, and family who are not disciples of Jesus. Every time I closed my eyes this morning I promptly fell asleep, so I stood up tp pray, but I still had a difficult time focusing, and when I prayed out loud it didn’t make much sense. I had not gotten much more than 4 hours of sleep each of the last 4 nights, and I was run out of gas so I did what any reasonably intelligent person would do, I took a nap. I went to bed at 10:30 am and woke up at 4:00 pm, and I felt wonderful. Tomorrow is the last day of the “Five Days of Prayer” and we will pray from 5 to 10 in the morning and then 5 to 7 tomorrow night and then we will conclude with a “Concert of Prayer” with mostly worship and a communion service, which are always wonderful times of experiencing God’s presence. Saturday morning I will sleep in until I wake up alert, probably around 8 am, and then it will be an amazing 3 weeks of God working and blessing, because we prayed and asked God to make it so, and He will.

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