God Gives

I believe that the number one blind spot of followers of Jesus is that they are very blind to how much we all need other people in our life. It is much more than simple physical or emotional needs, it is spiritual needs. God gives grace. Grace for followers of Jesus is His strength, inner strength, strength of will, the ability to manage the pressures and trials of life. What most don’t seem to understand is that God doesn’t give me His grace directly, He gives it to me through another person. If I am not humble enough to seek it and receive it from others, I won’t get it. In 1 Peter 5:5 and in James 4:6 it says, “God gives grace to the humble, but He is apposed to the proud”. God is the source of real and lasting joy, and He gives it to us through others. God gives peace and security, He gives it to us through others. God answers pray, my prayer for you, and your prayer for me. The primary message of the New Testament is the Church, the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ, the companion of Christ for all eternity, and the growth of the Church in beauty, holiness, love, character, and unity. God made us interdependent so that we would grow in unity and love resulting in holiness and character. The natural tendency of us all is to be self-sufficient, independent, and prideful. It makes as much sense as saying, “I don’t need to stop, and have someone put gas in my car, I will just keep going”. People in our country are falling away from God in droves because of their low view of the Church, and their lack of involvement in it, both to receive grace and to give it to others.

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