The Blessings of Faithfully Reading the Bible #23

Every morning I repeat my personal commitments and ask God to help me keep those commitments. There are about a dozen commitments that I make every morning, and one of them is, “I will love any and every person You sovereignly bring into my life no matter how difficult they may be to love”. I am not a people person, I am not an extrovert, I struggle trying to carry on a conversation with everyone except my closest friends. It is easy for me to ignore people. I have clearly defined for myself what it means to love people around me, what my commitment to love people in my life, looks like, especially the difficult to love ones.

As I faithfully read the Bible my awareness of God’s love for me grows, I begin to understand more and more all that God has done so that I can live with Him forever. He created me as an act of His will, He created a world and orchestrates the events of my life in this world to mold and shape my character to be like Jesus, Jesus left heaven and became like me, bridging the gap between us, He took all my sin upon Himself and received terrible punishment in my place as payment for my sin, He suffered in this life so that He could understand me, sympathize with me and help me.

John 15:12 “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.

I read the Bible just about every day, and I am growing a little bit every day in my understanding of God’s amazing desire for my fellowship.

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