Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #54

The short video included is me riding up an 8% hill. Hills that are this steep I walk some and bike some, but I always eventually make it to the top. Sort of like life, keep plugging away, and don’t give up or quit, and sooner or later you will reach the top.

Tonight we are camped at Woodhead campground on the Brownlee Reservoir on the Idaho side, which is the Snake River. I bought a one day Idaho fishing license and some jigs and went down and fished for Crappie off the dock for awhile, no luck, so I am going to go back this evening and try again when it is cooler.

Today’s ride was good except Kathy’s bike broke again. We worked on it for several hours at camp but couldn’t get it to work. It has a 9 speed internal rear hub transmission and it quit working. We will be in Baker City, Oregon tomorrow and have a extra day there as a rest day so they are going to a bike shop and see what they can do.

We had a couple of really long, 8 mile and 10 mile, down hill runs today, I was going 25 to 32 mph most of the time. Of all the different parts of the trip these “down hill runs” probably have the most potential for accidents because of the speed and how much more careful you have to be. Most of the time when we are really going fast I have this incredibly strong urge to scratch, pick my nose, look in the mirror to see if anybody is coming, or to see how far back Cliff is, look at the speedometer to see how fast I am going, or turn and smile at the driver in the car that is barely able to pass me, but it is super important not to take your eyes off the road even for a second, keeping the bike on the road, watching for rocks, bolts, truck tire pieces, and pot holes. I sometimes wonder what I would look like after sliding on the pavement for 20 feet, that would sure make for some exciting pictures for my blog!😀

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