Dee’s Bicycle Trip day#37a

A major part of the definition of wisdom is balance. Almost every truth or principle that exists is in tension with what appears to be an opposite truth or principle. Most people usually swing to one truth or the other, living their lives out of balance. I just wrote about the balance of getting strength from God and also by resting. There is also a very important balance to be achieved in the discipline of resting. I was born lazy and so were you. Our flesh is powerfully drawn to easy and comfortable. We can become way over balanced and become very lazy and hardly ever accomplish anything worthwhile in the name of or in the guise of resting. Early in this trip I took a day off, like I did this morning, but later came to the conclusion that it was a wrong choice and that I was a wimp for not riding that day because I was motivated by “easy and comfort”, but I think the choice this morning is right. The decision a month ago was made quickly without much thought, and it was made because I didn’t want to get out of bed that morning. The decision this morning to not ride was made last night, after thinking about it for some time realizing that I was truly tired and run out of gas and that I needed to get some extra rest. This is an important “balancing act” to get figured out otherwise we won’t accomplish much because we are either to lazy or to tired.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day#37a

  1. Mike Wilde

    Dee, You have said it well- life is a balancing act. We need both work and rest. Been praying for you to get your tanks filled and come back ready to fish in Alaska and catch lots of fish with me!



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