Dee’s Bicycle Ride day#31

one of the enjoyable things about a trip like this are the other bicyclers we meet and hearing their stories. This fellow’s name is Tony Bruno and he can’t hear or speak. We have met up with him several times on the trip, and I think I mentioned that I wished I had thought of getting his email, well the next time we saw him I did, so now I can stay connected. He has been riding his bicycle none stop for the last 4 plus years going all over the country, location mostly dictated by the weather. He has 4 panniers on his bike and is pulling a trailer loaded down with stuff as well. He doesn’t stay in campgrounds that cost money, he just usually just pulls off the road at a secluded place to camp. We see his bike in front of various restaurants along the way where he sits in the foyer or outside using their internet service.

We met another guy yesterday with a similar story, this guy could hear and talk fine so I heard much of his story. He has been on the road living on his bicycle for 7 years. He was riding a recumbent Trike pulling a cart that was his bed with panniers all over his bike. He had a dog in his cart so he had some company.

We also met two guys who are bicycling to the East coast and camped in the same campground two nights in a row. Tom offered to take their panniers and gear in the motorhome so that going up to that 9600 foot summit would be easier and they gladly took him up on that.

In a couple of days we will connect with the “TransAmerica” route that thousands of bicyclists follow each year so we should see a bunch more riders after that.

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