Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #29

InhaveA few pictures from our ride today which was very beautiful. We rode 48 miles that was about half and half up and down. It is a lot work climbing those hills but a great rush going down. Our last down hill lasted for over an hour. It wasn’t super steep, but steep enough so we could cruise along at 15 to 20 mph without pedaling at all. We came from 7,600 feet to 5,600 feet right into camp. One of the uphills was so steep I had to get off and walk, pushing my bike. That is the first time I have had to do that. I walked for over a mile trying to keep from bashing my shin into the pedal that is on the left side of the bike. Tomorrow is going to be a doozy. We are going 67 miles to Torrey and in between is a summit that is 9,500 feet high, that is just under what those who climb Mt Hood do. I hope it isn’t to hot. So far, no flat tires or any kind of bike problems which seems like a miracle considering all that we have had happen in past rides. I am so tired I keep falling asleep while I am writing this. Then I wake up and see that I have 5 lines of jjjjjjjjj’s on my blog where my hand rested on the keyboard.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #29

  1. mompalomo

    You’re seeing God’s creation up close and personal. What a beautiful view through your eyes. Thank you for your dedication to writing the daily blog. I can’t blame you for being tired! Love and energy and blessings from AZ.



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