Sold my 1949 Ford Pickup

I sold my 1949 Ford pickup this last week. A fellow from Illinois bought it. He drove out in a Ford diesel truck with a car trailer, and I helped him load it up and off he drove. It was a bit sad as I had invested literally hundreds of hours of work in that old pickup. It was a pile of junk when I started, and after all the fixing and rebuilding it drove really nice. A number of people have asked why I sold it, and the reason is that I am on a “disciplined pursuit of less” in my life. I started and finished building a 24 foot Dory boat recently, and one of my rules in my “disciplined pursuit of less” is I can’t start a new project unless I get rid of an old project. I will eventually sell the Dory Boat, hopefully making a little profit in the process, and I will then start on a new project. I like to have the new projects include the need to learn a new skill so I am stretching myself and always learning. Some possibilities of new projects are building a three wheeled car from scratch, restarting my aquaponics project with cat fish, building a 30 foot sailboat, putting in a half acre fish pond on our place with lots of fish, and a number of others that are really crazy. I want to be a lifelong learner, and never plateau in my character growth. I can choose to do that , and control the pace that I do that by the goals that I write.

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