Men’s Leadership Class #8

I had 17 men finish this years class that I teach that starts in October and usually ends the end of May though this year we are ending at the end of March because of my upcoming 3,400 mile bicycle trip. I have 7 goals for the class and for the men who are in the class. The first goal is that each one would faithfully practice the seven basic disciplines of the Christian life such as Bible reading and prayer. Very few Christians faithfully practice these basic disciplines consistently because they are to busy, are to tired, just plain forget, don’t think they are that important, to lazy, to apathetic or to lukewarm. If these disciplines are not faithfully practiced it is impossible to grow in maturity as a Christian, it is impossible to be strong enough to successfully win against the devil, the world or even are own flesh, and it is impossible to do anything with our life that really matters. The only way any man will ever be consistent in practicing these basic disciplines is by being part of a group of men who meet regularly and often, weekly is good, and who have learned how to motivate each other, stir one another up to faithfully do these disciplines, encourage each other to run with endurance the race that God has given to each one of us, to hold each other accountable by reproving one anther when we mess up, and by praying for one another. Teaching on the importance of being part of an accountability group is something I do in the class over and over and over again so that when the class is finished each one of the guys will choose to be in such a group until the day they die, at least that is my goal and is the second goal of the Men’s Leadership Class. Each one of the men will grow spiritually in the class more than they have ever grown before, but if they don’t choose to be part of an accountability group after the class finishes, in one year they will be right back where they were in maturity when they started in the class. Often guys become part of a group that is nice, friendly, enjoyable, and even encouraging but it doesn’t produce any growth because there is no accountability. I call those kinds of groups “good old boy’s clubs”. In the 8 months that the class lasts I work hard to model with the class what a good group looks like and how it works so that they will work hard in their own group when they are in one to make it a true accountability group where each person consistently grows.

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