Time Management is Self Management

So far we have covered 3 principles;

1. Choose to spend your time doing a few things that really matter rather than a lot of things that don’t. Just because you are busy and working hard doesn’t mean you are managing time well. What matters is how much you accomplish that is truly significant.

2. Choose to stay in your sweet spot. We all do a few things very well because of giftedness, passion, learned skill, and natural talent. The more time we spend doing what we do best the more we will accomplish.

3. People who grumble, complain, blame, and feel sorry for themselves never accomplish much. Stop it.

4. A straight line is the shortest route between two points. The more interruptions we have, the more meandering we do, the more we start and stop a project, the more we get distracted, the less we will get done. People who set goals and write them down, and have todo lists that they check and review often, will always do much better at getting a lot done that matters than those who operate out of their head, from memory. It is like the old days before google maps when a guy refused to look at the map or stop and ask for directions because he was sure he remembered how to get there. Goal setting and todo lists is basically planning your life and activities before you act. Premeditated decision making, thoughtful planning and strategizing, that are written down and referred to often maximize efficiency in our use of time tremendously. Only the proud, the lazy, or the indifferent would refuse to do such a key discipline of effective fruit bearing.

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