Fasting and Health

I started a water only fast February 1st and I plan on continuing it until the end of February 10th, unless I get to wimpy before then. I have three major motives, actually I have now identified five reasons why I am doing this.

The first reason is to increase my power in praying. I want to change people and the world through my praying to God on their behalf, and when we are willing to sacrifice , even as small as going without food God works more and changes more because of the time I spend praying.

The second reason is that the self-control level that I presently have in me will grow stronger as I fight with my flesh in choosing not to feed it.

The third reason is to pursue better health. I have read much of late on the health benefits of fasting, and there are many. I have a number of significant health issues as most people at 70 years of age do, and I wouldn’t mind being able to take more control of those if possible through the discipline and practice of fasting.

I am drinking lots of water and sleeping a little bit more, but so far going good.

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