I went with several friends last night to see the move “12 Strong”. A war movie about 12 guys who go into Afghanistan shortly after 9/11. It was a good movie, and the last battle scene was worth the price of the movie, the pop corn, and the soda pop. War is pretty much what the nations have done since the beginning of history, there is not many stretches of time when there wasn’t a war going on someplace. Watching the last battle of the movie I couldn’t help thinking how I would have done in that situation when I was younger. Those who survived had to think fast and make decisions quickly and accurately, and to be very decisive in their actions, they also had to be incredibly well trained and skilled in fighting and shooting. Whenever I see a war movie, and there have been some really good ones over the years, I am very thankful all over again for two things, the fact that I never had to go into combat and kill somebody, and I am very thankful for those who weren’t as fortunate as myself and ended up over in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and even worse places and fought, and experienced all the trauma that I get a small sense of watching a movie. Being genuinely thankful and appreciative for the actions and bravery of people that I have never met is so important, because of them I can sit here in my recliner writing this blog in peace and security. There are a lot of naive, self – absorbed people in the world today who have a difficult time thinking past their own needs. I really don’t want to ever slip into that way of thinking and acting.

Dear Lord, I love you! Thank You for orchestrating my life in the perfect way. Give me wisdom to know what to do in every situation You sovereignly put me in, and I especially thank You that I am going to live forever with You.

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