The Older I get the more I pray

Back in 1989 when I began my personal emphasis on prayer, and my emphasis as a pastor on prayer for everyone in our church, I had to exert a huge amount of personal discipline and self-control in order to make prayer happen in my life, and I still wasn’t close to where I wanted to be. Token, convenient prayer that was short and scattered throughout the day which was pretty much the totality of my prayer life before 1989, was easy and it didn’t cost me much time from other activities. Once I began this pilgrimage of becoming a man devoted to prayer, I was overwhelmed by how hard it was to make prayer a priority in my life. On more than one occasion I said, “being devoted to prayer is the hardest thing I have ever attempted to do in my life, it must be the most important”. One of my little sayings that I repeat frequently about becoming a prayer warrior or a person who reads their Bible everyday is, “Being devoted to prayer begins dry as dirt duty, with goals, accountability, alarm clocks, and lots of failure, but if we persevere it will move to habit which is easier, but still a discipline, but if we stay faithful to the habit it becomes delight, that is what we do, that is who we are, that is how we think”. I have repeated that “Law of becoming a Prayer” many, many times, but just recently realized that I have become that kind of prayer, that is who I am, that is what I do almost without ceasing. For almost 30 years I have pursued being a man of prayer like Jesus was, almost like climbing a mountain, one foot in front of another, each step taking great focus and effort, wondering when it was going to get easier, knowing that it would, and all the while resisting the encouragement from many to relax, just trust God, He will make it happen. I know that this present state of practice and faith in prayer I have is a gift from God, but I also understand that I planted the seed and God made it grow. My faith that God works powerfully in the lives of the people I pray for everyday is strong. I know that nothing else that I do makes as much difference in the lives of the people in my church than praying for them does.

3 thoughts on “The Older I get the more I pray

  1. Julie Vawser

    What a godly example you are to us. I still remember the prayer retreat you did for us at Grace Community Church many years ago.



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