Another Pastor in the Family

I cancelled all of my teaching responsibilities for today, Sunday, and Patty and I left at 5:30 am and drove to Naselle, Washington where my son-in-law was getting “Installed” as the senior pastor of the church he and Hannah have been serving at as Youth Pastor for the last 5 years. I got to pray for the church and Kyle and Hannah during the Installation service, and then Patty and I both were part of the Elders of the church and their wives as we gathered around them at the end of the service and laid hands on them and prayed God’s anointing on them. It was a very enjoyable day being part of their lives and the beginning of this new chapter in their lives. I felt very honored by Kyle when he asked me earlier this week to send Him my goals, and then today as we were getting ready to leave I was giving him a few quick pointers on becoming a good preacher, and I suggested that he listen to a couple of sermons every week by really good preachers, and he responded by saying that he listened to me almost every day, and I was the best! I don’t know for sure if he wasn’t just flattering his father-in-law, but it was very nice anyway. Patty and I both pray and intercede for our family asking God to use each of them for His glory, to open doors of opportunity for them, to anoint them in a special way with The Holy Spirit so that they bear much fruit, and that He would protect and guard them from the evil one. It was a wonderful day!

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