Homeless Person

This past weekend I preached on 10 key commandments in the New Testament. One of the 10 was, “Love anybody God sovereignly brings into your life, that is you are nice to them, you aren’t rude to them, you look for an opportunity to help them.” There was a homeless person in the audience who heard my sermon, and today they showed up at the church, walked into my office and quoted that whole point to me, and declared that they were sovereignly brought into my life by God, and I needed to take care of them, and they wanted to live with me. They talked non-stop for about 15 minutes presenting their case and need, and I listened attentively trying to figure out the solution to this situation. I suggested some alternatives to their plan and desire, but they seemed totally focused on this one thing and would not be deterred from it.

Last year we let a homeless guy move into my “Man Room” I had built out in my shop where I had my weight set, a chair and some books and a heater, he stayed about 2 months. About 25 years ago we had a visitor come to church that was basically homeless, old, and legally blind, and we moved her in with us in our home and we had all 8 kids still at home, and she got her own bedroom. She stayed with us about a year. That turned out to be a good experience for us and a great learning tool for our kids.

As I listened to this person quote my sermon back to me I had to admit that this was a significant coincidence or indeed a sovereign act of God, and perhaps I was supposed to let them move in with us. As I listened I let them ramble on much longer than I typically would have, but I was processing this situation in my mind trying to figure out what was right and what was God’s will not wanting to take the simple, and easy way out, but also wanting to be wise and the protector of my family. As I listened they said something that made all kinds of whistles, bells, and red flags go off in my head, and I then responded graciously and but firmly that if they didn’t want me to try and find a shelter for them then they needed to be on their way, and I stood and escorted them out of my office. They left, but I am not sure if we will see more of them in the days ahead or not.

As I was thinking about the whole scenario over again tonight, I thought, boy, I hope I don’t get to heaven and find out they were an angel in disguise, that would be embarrassing even if I was in heaven.

2 thoughts on “Homeless Person

  1. Bob Kill

    God always gives us peace when He is about to do something special with someone he brings in our path. The evil one will also bring people in our path to cause obstruction and sometimes down right trouble. In our small church the evil one used people of otherwise good standing on the surface but later turned out they were used abundantly by the evil one to bring division and great confusion to the small body. God will bring peace when we follow His leading. I know for sure you hear the leading from our Heavenly Father and do the correct thing, because that’s how you roll. I hope you have a good and wonderful Thanksgiving !!!

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