We had a poker tournament at our church tonight along with lots of good food. There is an initial “buy in” of $20 which goes into the “Men’s Ministry” account, and then everyone is playing for half a dozen prizes. You play until you run out of chips which you received when you paid your $20. The playing started at 7 pm and I lasted until 10 pm, so I am getting better. There obviously is a lot of luck involved, but I have noticed that the same guys end up winning or in the top finishers every time we have a poker night so there must be some strategy that I haven’t quite figured out yet. I do enjoy very much the fellowship of the evening with those I end up playing with. I always meet some new people and make some new friends during the completion .

As we were playing tonight I got to thinking how playing poker is a lot like life. In poker you don’t get to choose your cards, you just accept what you are dealt, and try to make the most of them. The good players have guidelines or rules that they follow on when to bet and how high they will go. The good players are patient knowing that sooner or later they will get some good cards, and in the meantime they are conservative. An easy observation is that the more you gamble the quicker you leave the game with your chips all gone.

Before the next poker night I am going to do some reading, and learn some of the guidelines that winners use. Yep, poker is a lot like real life.

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