Border patrol

The pastor of the church I was speaking at IN Sierra Vista, Arizona, was driving me to Tucson where I was going to catch my plane home. I am staying at a motel near the airport and will take off tomorrow morning at 8 am. There was a check point coming up, and he remembered that he had given his credit card to his secretary, and had no way to pay for my motel, so he pulled into the left lane and made a U-turn back the way we had come. About a minute later there was a border patrol car behind us, and in another minute there were two border patrol cars behind us and then they turned their lights on. We pulled over and they came up to the car on my side with big flashlights shining into the back of the car checking everything thoroughly. My pastor friend apologized for the turn, and explained what we were doing, and they said “no problem”, and off we went. It was kind of fun and added a little excitement to the day. I was impressed with how gracious the border patrol guys were considering how much flak they must get in a day, doing what they are doing. I am sure if we had been rude and belligerent we wouldn’t have gotten the same kind of treatment. It reminds me of one of my memory verses in Matthew 7:12, “However you want people to treat you, so treat them, for this is the law of the prophets”. That last phrase “this is the law of the prophets” basically means, this is a big deal to God, so pay attention. Treating people with honor and dignity as people created by God in His image is a very important discipline. Those who are rude and obnoxious will be treated accordingly, it is a law of GOD, SET IN CONCRETE.

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