Parenting, Pastoring, and Pestering

When our kids were involved in sports we would go to almost all of their games and cheer them on. I would get so involved and intense in their play, their effort and their performance that it was like I was trying to will them into a higher level of success. I would alternate between yelling encouragement, giving instruction, and then closing my eyes and praying, pleading with God to help them, then yell some more. By the end of a game I would be totally exhausted, almost like I had played it. Those were great days in our life.

Now I do that with people in our church. I get so totally and emotionally involved with each person in our church as I think about them, write about them, talk to them and pray for them. Some I cheer for and thank God profusely for their faithfulness and their growth in character as I observe their life. Others I plead with God to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to bring them back to Him. I send notes, text messages, emails and make phone calls to those who are ignoring God and drifting away from Him, fearing that it is to late.

Sometimes I get so discouraged with my poor success at influencing people to not drift away from God that I wish I could just go ride a bicycle all by myself for the rest of my life, and not fret about anybody ever again. But I know that is not what my life is about, so let’s get after them, and I will rest in heaven.

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