Day whatever, I forgot, of the 1900 mile bicycle trip

we went over 3 passes today, 2 were 5,300 feet high, and this one was 5,504 feet high, and we road 84.4 miles. Last night we were looking forward to over 60 miles of today's ride being on a bike trail but today when we got started on it, it soon turned into all gravel and was very difficult to ride on so we bailed off of that and got on hwy 140 and rode it all the way to our camp outside of Lakeview. It was a long day in the old bike saddle today so it is now 9;45 pm as I sit in our tent writing this. We found out tonight that our planned route to go into Nevada down Hwy 140 has some very dangerous stretches for bicycles so we have decided to go up 395 to Riley and then into Burns instead of going to Burns through French Glen. All of that to say we shortened up the trip by a day with this decision so we decided to stay here tomorrow and head off on Wednesday, because this camp sight is so wonderful, and I am so tired and wimpy!

Tired and wimpy is an issue with everyone sooner or later, especially as you get older, and my wimpiness is amplified by Parkinson's. If you give in to it, you will do less and less, and exercise less and less , and then you feel even more tired, and down we go in this spiral until we crash and burn. The key for me is to anticipate the feeling and make commitments to myself to exercise anyway in spite of how I feel, to get up and Bicycle another 80 miles, or if home I make a daily todo list, and make a commitment to myself that I am not going to let my body run my life. Most tiredness is in our mind and we all are good at letting our tired body tell our mind what we are going to do. The Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9, "I discipline my body and it my slave". Positive self-talk, lots of prayers asking God for strength, a daily list of things you are going to get done, a personal resolve to be a disciplined person, no matter what, and control every thought so we thinking our way up instead of down.

1 thought on “Day whatever, I forgot, of the 1900 mile bicycle trip

  1. Terri

    😀 Glad you took the extra day at that camp ground. Praying for you all. Thank you for what you shared about not letting the body dictate to the mind what our actions will be.



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