We are up in Soldotna, Alaska fishing on the Kenai River for sockeye salmon and Kings. This is some of the best fishing in the world, and all who are here are having a blast catching fish. This past Sunday we took a break from fishing and attended a local church here called Soldotna Bible Chapel. I rarely miss attending a church service on Sunday while on fishing trips, bicycle trips, and hunting trips. If it isn’t possible because of location or circumstances I don’t get upset about it, it is just a commitment that I have that if possible I will be in a worship service every week. There are about a dozen reasons for this commitment, but let me share just a couple. 

Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “do not forsake gathering together as is the habit of some”.  I know there a variety of ways to interpret that verse, but Hebrews was written to Jewish Christians, and they knew the Old Testament well and weekly seems like the norm for gathering to worship God. Jesus said a number of times, “if you love Me you will obey Me”. So I am not going to wink at a clear command given to us by the Lord.

The church is called the “Bride of Christ” and the “Body of Christ” so I believe strongly that my commitment to the church is my commitment to Christ, and my love for the church is my love for Christ. Jesus has created me, died for me, and is nurturing me into His image and character so He can enjoy me  and I Him for all eternity, so I want to please Him with my life and commitments. 

God Grace is God’s power in my life, and God gives grace. He doesn’t give grace in a vacuum. He gives grace to us through other people when we gather together with Him for the expressed purpose of seeking Him.

In our culture today faithful attendance at a local church is not much practiced or appreciated. 

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