Bungy Jumping

Well, we did our sky diving thing today, and had a blast. It was my 4th jump, and Lloyd who I went with notched his 8th or 9th jump, and the other guys all were doing it for the first time, and as one of them put it, they had a terrific, terrifying, exciting time. It definitely adds some hot sauce to life. We do it every July if you are interested in going next year.  We have now moved our sights onto another adventure, we are going to go bungy jumping, and it looks like we are aiming for the 2nd week in September, so if anyone is interested you can go with us. I think this adventure will add some extra hot, hot sauce on my life. 

I was thinking today of how much God has blessed me with adventures and cool experiences. Sky diving, bungy jumping, riding a motorcycle around the USA for a month hitting all lower 48 States, riding a bicycle to Fairbanks Alaska, and across the USA twice, traveling to 30 different countries and having some great adventures in many of those like getting arrested and put in jail as spies in Bosnia, having a standoff with a grizzly bear in Alaska, and meeting many amazing people. 

Life for many people is boring, dull, routine, predictable, and safe. Anybody can add some spice and hot sauce to their life by wanting to, making choices as opportunities present themselves, not letting the fear of the unknown inhibit us, and not being a procrastinator, but decisive when the open doors come. 

Fear is a vey bad boss of our life, so whatever you fear conquer it. It might require some counseling, get it, it might require multiple steps, do it, whatever it is do not let fear reign in your mortal bodies. People fear change, flying, speaking in public, coming in last, coming in second, and on the list goes, conquer them, add some jalapeños to your life. 

2 thoughts on “Bungy Jumping

  1. Donna roland

    Yay! I jumped for the first time Sunday July 9,2017 at skydive Oregon in molalla too LOVED IT!! So excited to go again😊 Thank you so much for my bday letter too! Meant a lot to me god bless you pastor Dee


  2. Autumn

    I love this! I was listening to the man that worked at the gas station the other day as he was talking to his co-worker, he said “I come to work for eight hours, go home, feed my animals, make my wife dinner and do it again every day. It doesn’t change.” This made me very sad as I heard this. We have to want to experience life and challenges. We can not take this life that God has given us lightly. We should think of every day as a gift, and ask God every morning “what do you have for me today, this year, and the coming years.” May we especially as Christians never live the mundane life. May we never settle for par. I like to say “Jesus is dangerous!” He is! And anyone that walks with him will experience an exciting life.



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