Death and Dying

We had the Memorial Service this afternoon for my good friend Denny Fryman who died several months ago from a brain aneurysm. It was a total shock, in that he wasn’t sick and less than 60 years old and was very active in life. Denny was a very committed and faithful follower of Jesus Christ, and I think that God was so pleased with Him that He just decided to bring him up to heaven to be with Him. The service today has prompted me to think a lot, almost non-stop about life after death, what it will look like, feel like, and every facet of what the experience will be like, especially the first hour. When a baby is born it enters into this life as a human being. When we die we enter into the next life, what we are really created and meant for. This life is like being in our mother’s  womb, just preparing us for real life.

The key thing to think about is are we ready, where are we going, what will our rewards be like. Dear Lord, “teach me to number my days that I may present to You a heart of wisdom”. As I mentioned a few days ago in my blog, don’t be naïve.

2 thoughts on “Death and Dying

  1. Ron Clancy

    I’m been reading about your bike trip and came accros this note about your friends death I just wondered if you had readthe book heaven by Randy Alcor very good read



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