Humility again

If you go back and read the last couple years of my blogs you will see that I have written about humility often. I think that is because it is one of the areas of my character that always needs work, and as I am writing for an audience I think I am motivated by the amount of character flaws I observe in others in this area as well. The Apostle Paul wrote much of the New Testament in the Bible, and he must have made the same observations because he wrote on the topic of humility and pride often as well. Of the 26 character traits that I study and reflect on and write about they all connect and intertwine like a bunch of worms in a can. Humility and pride are very much connected to the character trait of confidence, boldness, self-worth.  

A person who has a sense of low sell-worth will usually attempt to compensate by being a boastful person, and critical of others, gossiping about, and slandering them. That behavior may come across as pride, but it is really an attempt to avoid shame in their own life which is the most painful and feared of human emotions. As people work at having a sense of value the natural result is to pursue self-sufficiency. 

Probably the strongest manifestation of pride that I observe is the pull to be independent, and  self-sufficient as opposed to being inter-dependent, teachable, submissive, and susceptible. We want to be responsible, strong, resourceful and creative but not to the point of not needing others. As we grow in maturity there is a critical fork in the road where our growth bends in the direction of “I can do it all by myself, thank you very much!” God created us as people with great strengths, giftedness, and talents in a very small area of our life, and weakness, and deficiency in a very large area of our life. His plan is that we would be interdependent in our relationships and be great in our accomplishments as we worked together. Humility allows connectedness and interdependence to work well, but pride destroys it. 

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