Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is one of my major character goals for myself. Character traits are a little difficult to pursue because of the difficulty of measuring progress in ourselves. Having a clear definition of the character trait we are pursuing helps in our self assessment of growth and progress. I have defined this trait as being able to recognize “thinking sins” or “stinkin thinkin” in my mind quickly, and then be disciplined enough to set my mind on something that is good, pure, lovely, or noble quickly. Self- pity or poor me thinking is definitely not tough, neither is critical or bitter thinking about another person. Anxiety or worry is definitely the kind of thinking that those who feel out of control or feel like victims practice. Also a major wimpy kind of thinking is “I can’t” or “it is to hard”.  And then there is just your general negative mental grumbling about life and circumstances. As I pursue mental toughness there are a number of disciplines that are essential to growth in this area so I have actually made those disciplines my specific, measurable goals, knowing that as I faithfully practice them I will become increasingly more tough in my thinking and attitude. One is memorizing Bible verses. It takes an incredible amount of mental energy to spend 15 minutes in intense memorizing of scripture. Faithfully exercising the mental muscles of our mind every day results in the ability to stop thinking about one thing by choosing to think about something else. Very few believers faithfully memorize scripture because it is so “hard”. The blessings that come into our life from God for faithfully hiding His Word in our heart are easily worth the effort. 

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