Memorizing Bible

I have for most of my life memorized Bible verses, about 10  new ones each year and I would review the old ones as well. Two years ago I had about 150 verses total memorized well that I could think about and meditate on easily.  Because of the strong desire not to get senile as a result of getting older, and  because of the Parkinson’s  that I have, I started on a major increase in my memorizing. I started using the “App” on my IPhone and IPad called “Scripture Typer”, and I made a goal of getting the total number of verses that I have memorized up to 1,000 by the time I am 70 years old, which is about 18 months away. I have just about 700 verses down pat as a result of spending about 30 minutes every day working on them.  I have noticed a marked increase in my memory, but also in my ability to think clearly which has been an exciting experience.  My writing seems to have picked up in the sense that I don’t have the long periods of “writers block” where my brain seems empty of anything to write about. Also my ability to focus while I am praying by myself has increased to the point that I would say it has doubled.  Before this memorizing emphasis my mind would wander so much I couldn’t maintain a silent, private prayer time for more than a couple of minutes without my mind going to fishing, hunting or some other such super spiritual activity. Now, I can stay right on task  as I pray for the people in our church, my family, my goals, lost people, for an hour or more. The power of God’s Word in my mind and heart permently  has been amazing. When people ask my about my Parkinson’s I say, “best thing that  has happened to me in a long time”.  I ride my stationary bike for an hour a day, staying in the best shape of my life,  I read while I ride usually at least 100 pages a week, I listen to sermons, and I memorize Bible verses for 30 minutes every day. I wasn’t even close to that when I was healthy.

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