A couple of weeks ago I  got an email from someone asking if I had any work that needed done. I responded that I had some firewood that needed split  and stacked, and that I would pay him $10 an hour. When he got to our house I gave him a little pile of wood to split. I didn’t want to commit to hiring him for a lot of hours if he was going to turn out to be lazy.  He got that first little job done fast, and the stack of wood was stacked nice and straight with no possibility of falling over. I told him that he could come and split the rest of the wood and stack it. Several other people from JBC have hired him since then for yard work as well from my recommendation of his work ethic and trustworthiness. When I began asking him questions about himself, I found out he was homeless, sleeping in his little pick up at rest stops. He would get enough work to buy some gas, a few groceries, and a few things for his pickup and bicycle. 

I work very hard at noticing details in the circumstances of my life that would be a clue to God’s leading in my life, especially out of the ordinary opportunities to serve, teach, help, or give.  I have a 10×12 foot room in my shop that I call my “Man Room” . I insulated it, put an electric cadet heater in the wall, put some shelves in it, put all my fishing stuff on the shelves, and put my weight set in there as well. I asked my new friend if he would want to live in my man room until he found something better and he accepted. I set up my camp stove and the portapottie and he is camping in there now. I don’t know how long this arrangement will last, but I am paying extra special attention to the details of events happening as well as praying and asking God to lead and guide.  There are many Bible verses about giving and helping people so I feel good about doing that, and we have had some great conversations about the Lord. 

I am praying diligently for him that God might open up some opportunities for him and that he will have wisdom to see and follow the Lords guidance and that he might be able to do some meaningful things with his life in the days ahead.  

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