The End is coming

On Sunday mornings at 8 am I am teaching a class on the last book in the Bible, the book of Revelation. In preparation for the class I am reading in about a dozen different books on the book of Revelation and I am listening to a bunch of audio downloads from really good teachers and preachers who are or have in the past preached through this book. And I have also discovered some really good teachers and preachers who put their stuff on You Tube, and it is great to watch one of these sermons while I ride my stationary bike for an hour each evening.

Those preachers who’s sermons were preached in the last 6 months have a huge amount of current events in their messages, and they all are teaching that Jesus is coming to get us very soon. Wow, I am looking forward to that, and more every day now that I wake up with a new ache every morning, and the only cure is a new body which Jesus promised me.

Watching the sermons, reading the news, reading the book of Revelation has got me all excited about the day I head off to heaven . But I also would like a little more time so I can do some more with my life,  and bear some more fruit to benefit others, and I would like to grow some more in character, and there are so many people who don’t know Jesus, but the end is coming.

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