Heal Your Mind

We can damage our own mind in a variety of ways. We can do it as I blogged yesterday by grumbling, we can do great damage to our mind by worrying even to the point that we become insane, more and more is being discovered about the damaging effect of certain things that we eat, we can fry our brain with drugs, with alcohol, and with excessive playing of computer games, and besides all that life just wears it out.

I have Parkinson’s Disease and the literature that I read says that 50 to 80% with Parkinson’s will develop dementia. Many people as they get older become senile and develop major dementia. And then there is Alzheimer’s that seems to be affecting more and more people.

I am working on keeping my mind healthy and even healing it by extensive memorization of the Bible.  There are a number of organizations today that use large doses of scripture memory as their therapy for brain damage caused by drugs.  1 Timothy 4:5 in talking about food that may hurt us says, “it is sanctified by means of the Word of God and prayer”.  One of my memory verses is Psalms 19:7 “The Law of the Lord is perfect restoring the soul”.

In my simple logic there must be a Creator, there is no way what I see everyday began by chance. If the creator of the world and the universe can do all this He is incredibly intelligent and powerful. It is obvious that we, people are the center  of all this creation, and He would certainly communicate with us. The Bible is the only logical choice for that communication of God to man. Because it is the “Word of God” it must be incredibly powerful.

I have been spending 30 minutes every day working on memorizing key Bible passages, but recently I have picked it up to 45 minutes. The “strain” mentally of trying to memorize is a mental exercise that makes the brain syronger. Also the Word of God is supernatural and it is said of the Bible in Hebrews 4 that it is “living and active” doing it’s work in us as we put it in our brain.

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