My boys grew up playing basketball all the way from little kids through college, and I enjoyed very much the hundreds of games that I watched and cheered through. I do enjoy watching college basketball now, and a favorite time of year is now with the NCAA playoffs going full bore. I filled out the “Bracket” like thousands of other basketball fans did, attempting to guess who was going to win each game.  I don’t know how many different organizations sponsor a bracket competition, but I filled one out on “Bleacher Report” and I am in the 98 percentile, which means my score is in the top 2%, and it looks like there are about 250,000 who filled one out.

The Apostle Paul used sports as an illustration often as He wrote much of the New Testament. One of his statements was in 2Timothy 2:5 where he was writing  to his disciple who he had trained to be a pastor, “Anyone who competes as an athlete doesn’t win the prize unless he competes according to the rules”.  Rules are a major part of sports, and athletes who break very many of them don’t win, and often don’t even finish. Every sport has their rules and they are in a rule book that has been agreed upon by all those who  play and compete in that sport.

Someone recently asked me what my opinion was on a subject that is debated by many today. My response was “I don’t make the rules, God does, so what I think doesn’t really matter”.  I just read the rule book and try to follow them because I want to please the rule maker, serve Him, and love Him. I said, I believe the Bible is the rule book and Jesus is the rule maker. You don’t have to believe what I do, but you should have some source for the rules you follow besides your own opinion. Do you?  If every basketball player made up his own rules I wonder how enjoyable the game would be to watch?

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