imageI set a B-HAG, a big, hairy, audacious, goal, each year. My b-hag for 2019 is to bicycle from my house to Portland, Maine, and to touch all 48 lower States as I travel. The map above shows my route. It will be about 8,200 miles, and will take about 4 months.  I will go by myself unless someone decides they want to go with me in the next two years, and I will carry everything I need with me in my pannier bags on the bike. My goal is to write a book of about 100,000 words on the trip.

One  of the reasons for the goal is to help from getting bored with life, and to keep my passion for my future alive and strong.


2 thoughts on “B-HAG

  1. Jane Gregoire

    You continue to amaze us, Dee! I am sure you know this, but you always have a bed and meals here in NH! Love, Jane and Jim. 💞



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