I write this blog almost every day averaging about 300 words per blog entry. It takes a fair amount of time to write it as I think and ponder on the content, and attempt to write it using just the right words so that it communicates clearly what I am trying to say. So why do I do it? The “why” question is always the hardest to know the answer to, what is my motive, really for what I do? I think and reflect about this often, because I know that motive is important to God, and determines much of the blessing He will give to me for what I do. As I have often said, “I can do all the right things, for all the wrong reasons, and not even know it”. I may not know my own heart, but God does, and I want to, and I am working at it.

So, my stated purpose is, “I write this blog to communicate the truth of God’s Word in such a way that it makes sense, motivates those who read it to live it, and in the process entertains them so that they come back day after day, tell others about it, and the number who are reading it grows steadily.”

Motives  can also change, so it is important for me to read this purpose statement often so that I don’t drift. I do that just before I write each one, and then I pray and ask God for wisdom as I write, and I ask Him to bless me and to work in a way that only He as God can so that the number of readers grows as my ability to communicate and motivate grows as well.

2 thoughts on “Significance

  1. Donna Caputo

    I for one Love reading your blog. I love reading what you have to say and how you say it. You make it easier for me to understand some otherwise confusing things. I also Love going into the archives and reading past post and listening to past recordings of your sermons. You have certainly cleared up alot of confusing things that I have been wrestling with, and in such a short time set me in the right Direction! Thank You!


  2. James P Neil

    Thank You Pastor Dee for this blog.
    I read it every day and have as long as you have been writing it.
    It is part of my daily routine as is reading my my Bible.
    I look forward to it every day, it blesses me , I tell other folks about it
    so it will bless them.
    I live in Creswell so your blog is my only way of going to your church.
    Thank You and God Bless you.
    James Neil



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