I forgot to take my Parkinson’s medicine today. I don’t realize how well that stuff works until I forget to take it, and then when I start twitzing and jerking, and my muscles start hurting like crazy I realize I forgot, and I become really thankful for that medicine. I have a little pill box that has compartments for the three times a day I take it and for 7 days for the week, so when I can’t remember if I did take it or not I can just look in the box, and see if the pills are gone or not, but I forget to put them in the little box.  Forgetting to take them is a pretty big deal, you would think that the seriousness of forgetting would make me remember, and it does most of the time.

I forget to read my Bible occasionally, and periodically I forget to spend time with God in prayer. I think the consequences of that are pretty significant, but it isn’t immediately evident like forgetting my medicine. The consequences of not spending time with God in His Word and in prayer is lack of joy, loss of peace, self doubt and low self worth, weak faith, and the list goes on. The problem is that the consequences that we experience from forgetting God are ones that we think our circumstances caused, that people caused, our job, our spouse, the weather, the neighbor’s dog, so we become victims in our mind instead of the cause.

When we don’t make the connection between our lack of joy, peace, hope, security, strength, and contentment, and our forgetfulness in regards to Bible reading and prayer we will not be motivated to be very faithful in these practices.

I have a pill box to remind me to take my meds, and I have a little list that I check things off as I do them and first thing on the list is read my Bible and pray. The blessings That come into my life from faithfully doing these disciplines are to important to forget.

1 thought on “Forget

  1. Sharon Pryor

    I also have a reminder on my smart phone that goes off at the time I’m supposed to take pills. I know with my mom’s Parkinson meds that just being 15 minutes late could make a difference. Regarding Bible reading, I heard once that if I miss one day, I can tell a difference, if I miss two days those close around can tell, and if I miss three days, the whole WORLD will know!



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